Get Convenient Hourly
Services With Genius Limo 

Find unmatched Flexibility as you enjoy the freedom to
customize your hourly car service. Your private chauffeur
awaits, ready to transport you smoothly between destinations.


Genius Limo offers a premium hourly car service designed for your ultimate comfort and convenience. Our professional and courteous chauffeurs are available to pick you up from any location and cater to your transportation needs throughout the hour. Whether you require a ride for errands, business meetings, or sightseeing, Genius Limo provides the perfect solution for a stress-free and productive day.

Experience the Difference with Genius Limo

Hire a limo by the hour for weddings, concerts, or special events in style. An hourly vehicle service sets itself apart by providing passengers with unmatched convenience and flexibility. An hourly service, in comparison with point-to-point or city-to-city services, which concentrates on certain locations, permits passengers to utilize the vehicle for a predetermined number of hours, easily allowing for several stops and route modifications. 

Because of our hourly service’s adaptability, you can use it for a wide range of tasks, including personal errands, business meetings, and tourism needs. Our chauffeurs will happily provide you with the best service in the hour that you have our services going. Booking our hourly service is easy. You can Google our website or simply ask it for black car services near me to book yourself an hourly rate service however it seems convenient for you. 

Special Vehicle For Special Events!

Our wedding transport service makes sure everything about your big day is stress-free and spectacular. To meet the demands of your wedding party, we provide a variety of luxury cars, from classy sedans to roomy SUVs. Our expert drivers ensure that you arrive at every location on time and in style.

Need Luggage Assistance Services? We Got You!

Our luggage assistance service that we provide ensures that our drivers are helping you through with any luggage mounting or packing it in the car for safe travels. You won’t have to do that alone!

Availability 24/7 and On The Go

You can enjoy our services 24/7. Whenever you need any car booked or require our services, we are ready to be on the go at all times. Whether you have to book for a long or short time, we are always available for you!

Get Our Special Hourly Services

Our hourly services ensure that you are getting our services that are tailored exactly to your schedule. You just have to tell us about when and where you need us to be and we will make sure we don’t let you down!

Luxury and High-End Car Facilities

Customers using our luxury black car services can choose from a variety of first-rate amenities that are intended to improve their trip. Savour a quiet, smooth ride, cosy, comfy seats, and climate control for individualised comfort. 

Comfortable Experience

We ensure that all our customers are having a smooth and seamless travelling back and forth from their location. We prioritize your safety and comfort above all else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling with Our Well-Trained and Professional Chauffeurs? We’ve answered your queries.

We provide black car services across a wide range of areas, including metropolitan regions, airports, and even city-to-city travel.

Our fleet includes a variety of luxury vehicles. All vehicles are meticulously maintained and equipped with premium amenities to ensure a comfortable journey.

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment options. Payment details will be securely processed at the time of booking or at the end of your ride.

Yes, you can make multiple stops during your journey, especially when booking our hourly services. Please inform us of your plans in advance so we can accommodate your needs.